Neighborhood watch : looking for a suspicious guard the yard, and the light bulb screwed

 Соседский дозор : ищут подозрительных, охраняют двор, могут и лампочку вкрутить

“Neighborhood watch”: looking for a suspicious guard the yard, and the light bulb screwed
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The most formidable “Neighborhood watch” is obtained from pensioners. They had no mercy. Photo: Netpolice

Ukrainians unite to maintain order in the courts.

First city lucky enough to get a unique for our country project “Neighborhood watch” was the winery. He started last spring with the support of the international organization IREX and the national police. Its main idea – as quickly as possible to obtain information about incidents from the residents and respond quickly to offense. The courts participating in the project equipped with warning signs – “it works neighborhood watch”.

Landscaping and security

Today in Vinnitsa 14, OSMB involved in the project. In these areas has declined offences, – says head of Department of communication GUNP in Vinnytsia oblast Anna Oleynik. One of the goals of the project is to show people that if you want to change the world – start with yourself. A lot of the residents volunteered to become not easy to patrol their yards, and to participate in the landscaping of the adjacent territory. The police in turn helps that instructs, advises where better, for example, to cover the street, and how to behave at detection of the criminal.

Before the start of the program, the citizens were trained and multi-week training communities to launch “neighborhood watch”. Participated in trainings and police officers and precinct patrol.

Once “the watch” noticed a suspicious man called the police, described signs and found that it was a robber, who was wanted. Thus with the participation of “neighborhood watch” was solved a crime, says an example of the framework of the project Anna Olejnik.

According to her, “sentinel” not just go and seek out a suspicious person, but actively engaged in the landscaping.

At one site over the homes lighting was always going drunkards and noisy. Residents of the house had set up a lantern and fenced the dump that was there, the fence – drunkards was never seen again. Landscaping is not only culture, but also the safety of the inhabitants, – says our interlocutor.

 Соседский дозор : ищут подозрительных, охраняют двор, могут и лампочку вкрутить

Sometimes one is enough warning signs to scare the bullies from the yard. Photo: Netpolice

A necessary measure

The winery was lucky to get in the draft, the rest of the city followed the example itself, but with the participation of the police. In Kremenchug is generally a separate story – forced.

I don’t know how it happened, but our area took to the police of Poltava, though we are located in Kremenchug. Call at 102 and ended up at the Poltava police long to explain how to drive – they don’t know the town and district. It was very difficult, – told “KP” in Ukraine” the Chairman of the Board ajoah “guards-7” Oleg Sandu. The initiative has been received from the police proposed to create a “neighborhood watch” to help you quickly respond to law enforcement. Now work on the lead – I noticed something suspicious or out of order signal directly to our patrol and they arrive on the scene.

According to Oleg Sandu residents sleep peacefully since last Nov – now in the courts there are warning signs “it works neighborhood watch”, newsletters, and the police often visited the yard to spend explanatory work.

– We have no organized group or people in charge of patrolling the yard – continues the Chairman of the Board, but have neighbors who warned about what to do in case of a threat of peace, shelter and life. The training we did not pass. But, if earlier, a patrol car drove into the driveway and didn’t even stop, now the police will come to sitting on the benches grandparents and ask whether all is well – because it works, “the neighborhood watch”. Priority.

In other words, in Kremenchug have established a direct link between residents and the police and now in the Poltava branch of the calls are not received, at least from this condominium.

Other courts complain of robberies and drug addicts in the yard, but we have no such, became calmer, concludes Oleg Sandu.