Netflix has released a new trailer of the teen series Innocent

Netflix выпустил новый трейлер подросткового сериала Невинные

Streaming service Netflix unveiled a new trailer for teenage series “Innocent”.

Life June McDaniel changes after she learns that her maternal line she is not a man, and a werewolf. The girl and her boyfriend have to go on a journey where she learns more about her mother and how exactly does her power. The important thing to remember in this way – everything is not what it seems.

The role of Joon will play Groundsell Sorcha, and her boyfriend – Parcel Ascott Also the series will guy Pearce, who will play Professor Halvorson.

In the first season will be 8 episodes. The release of “Innocent” is scheduled for August 24.

As previously reported, the new season of “American horror story” will play a rock star.

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