Netflix plans to shoot a five anime series

Netflix планирует снять пять аниме-сериалов

Streaming service Netflix has announced work on 17 new original series and movies designed for an Asian audience.

As reported on the website of the service, now launched five new anime series.

In particular, it’s two shows in the universe of “Pacific rim” and “Modified carbon”.

The first tells the story of a brother and sister who become pilots abandoned the Huntsman. The showrunners of the series designated Craig Kyle (“Thor: Ragnarok”) and Greg Johnson (TV’s “X-Men: Evolution”).

The plot of the anime “Mutated carbon” will evolve in the same universe as the plot of the original series from Netflix, but will focus on new elements of his mythology. The script will be written by Dai Sato and TSUKASA Kondo.

Another project called Cagaster of Insect Cage (Sagaster cells insects) will be an adaptation of the eponymous manga. The action series will unfold in a post-apocalyptic world where an unknown disease turns people into giant insect-killers.

Anime “Asuka” tells the story of the former Ronin. He would have to take up the sword to help the child, for whom hunting the dark forces. The action will take place in an alternate Japan, torn by war between technology and magic. Main character voiced Lakit Stanfield. Director and Executive producer appointed Leshawn Thomas, and write music nominated for a Grammy Flying Lotus.

The latest draft of the “trace” will be an adaptation of the eponymous graphic novel Budjette tan and Katagiri Bellissimo. The action will take place in Manila, where among the common people living quietly different mythological creatures. The protagonist has to face with the criminal world, where doing business all these evil creatures. Executive producer Jay Oliva (“Wonder woman”).

None of these projects while there is no release date.

As previously reported, Netflix will create six exclusive animated movies.

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