Netflix released a documentary series about the ten murderers sentenced to death

Netflix выпустил документальный сериал о десяти убийцах, приговоренных к смертной казни

Streaming service Netflix released the documentary “I am a murderer”, consisting of ten episodes.

As reported by Rolling Stone, every time episode of a man convicted of murder and sentenced to death, talks about the crimes committed. It is noted that each of the ten cases fascinating and horrible in its own way.

In particular, one of a series dedicated to Miguel Martinez, who became the youngest offender in Texas who was sentenced to death. In 1991, when he was 17 years old, he and his friend killed three people. In 2002, the sentencing Martinez has softened and changed to life imprisonment. Another episode tells the story of James Robertson, who in the 1980s was in prison with the possibility of parole, but for his violent behavior behind bars and the murder of another prisoner, he was sentenced to death.

Because prisoners sentenced to death, often protected from the media, the show offers an extremely rare and deeply frightening possibility to understand better how and why someone committed a murder.

As previously reported, Netflix unveiled the trailer for the second season of criminal series “Ozark”.

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