Netflix will extend the series Narco: Mexico in the second season

Netflix продлит сериал Нарко: Мексика на второй сезон

Streaming service Netflix has announced that it will extend the series “Narco: Mexico” for a second season. On it informs edition Deadline.

The series shows the origins of the current drug war in Mexico. In the center of the story is a Mexican drug kingpin Felix Gallardo, who in the 1980s founded the cartel “Guadalajara”. He is one of the largest drug traffickers in the country. Once in the region, which controls Felix, arrives the employee of Management on struggle against drugs of Kiki Camarena. It is taken for the investigation of schemes by which the Gallardo is a drug dealer.

Starring in the series performed by Diego Luna, Michael peña, Tenoch Huerta Meia, Alyssa Diaz and others.

The first season was released November 16, 2018. He continued the plot of the series “Narco”, which has survived three seasons and was released in 2015-2017. As producer of this series, and two seasons of “Narco: Mexico” was Eric Newman.

Recall, Netflix has released a trailer of the TV series “Chilling adventures of Sabrina” and “Perfume”.

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