Netflix will shoot a film about music legend Quincy Jones

Netflix снимет фильм о легенде музыки Куинси Джонсе

Netflix will make a documentary about the legend of the musical world of Quincy Jones, writes THR.

Directors of the picture, which will be called “Quincy” came from the Quincy’s daughter, Rashida Jones, and Alan Hicks.

“Very rarely it happens that a person who suffered a lot from my father, who was still trying to grow and learn new things. He is a man of action, and we were very lucky to spend as much time with him, to represent his action in our lives. I am very happy for the chance to share it with people around the world,” said Rashida Jones.

The film will be released on the streaming service on September 21.

Quincy is one of the 18 people in the world who managed to win all four biggest awards in entertainment of America (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony). At the Grammys he was nominated 79 times and 27 of them became the winner. The Times magazine named him one of the most influential people in the jazz world of the twentieth century.

In addition to his own musical activities, he also worked as a producer and arranger, revealed to the world such talented people like Leslie Gore, Michael Jackson, Oprah Winfrey and will Smith. He is the producer of the best-selling album in the world Thriller Michael Jackson. During his career, he strongly pushed racial and cultural boundaries, affecting the history of America.

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