Network users are stumped by the optical illusion with the “naked guy”

On social news site Reddit, users are scratching their heads over the photo, which depicts a seated on the scooter, young people, one of which is similar to a naked guy on a bike. The optical illusion has placed the portal with the nickname Despacitojustin.


Per day post estimated more than 28 million users. Reddit visitors were plunged into the surprise of what he saw. According to many, not quite once they managed to figure out what’s the catch, and get rid of the illusion of a naked guy.


One user noted that it took him a long time to figure out what was going on, the other agreed, adding that for ten seconds had only seen the naked guy, although he was aware that there is nothing like that. In addition, the guests of the portal said that, contrary to most attempts, they still can’t wrap my head around the original image.

But, in the end, the mystery was unraveled in a joking manner, one user still revealed an optical illusion. According to him, in the center sits a naked man, and behind him sits a girl who apparently was born without legs, and in front of the stand her dentures in jeans.