Network weekly will publish previously unavailable videos of Prince

В сети еженедельно будут публиковать ранее недоступные видеоролики Принса

In the network appeared the first several videos of the singer Prince, who died in the year 2016 that were previously unavailable for streaming services.

Records from albums 1995-2010 will be published weekly until 14 December, according to Rolling Stone.

In particular, the first series published video includes music videos from the albums the Gold Experience and Chaos And Disorder on the song Endorphinmachine, Dolphin, Rock and Roll Is Alive! (And It Lives In Minneapolis), Dinner With Delores, The Same December.

Soon, November 9, will be available live on the songs from the album Emancipation – Betcha By Golly Wow! Somebody’s Somebody, The Holy River, Face Down.

The subsequent schedule of videos:

November 16 – album Crystal Ball: Interactive;

album Rave Un2 The Joy Fantastic/Rave In2 The Joy Fantastic: The Greatest Romance Ever Sold, Hot Wit U (feat. Eve) – Nasty Girl Remix;

November 23 – the Chocolate Invasion album: U Make My Sun Shine (feat. Angie Stone);

November 30 – the Musicology album: Musicology, Call My Name, Cinnamon Girl;

album 3121: Black Sweat, Te Amo Corazón, Fury;

7 December – album Planet Earth: Chelsea, Rogers, Somewhere Here On Earth Guitar The One U Wanna C;

December 14 – the LOtUSFLOW3R album: Crimson and Clover;

album MPLSoUND:Chocolate Box (feat. Q-Tip).

Note that Prince has been a consistent fighter for the rights (and money) artists and released your albums on CD-ROM.

“I don’t know why I have to give new music on iTunes or somewhere else. They don’t even pay me an advance,” explained Prince unwillingness to work in the new environment.

In the last years of life the growth of the popularity of YouTube and streaming services, the Prince often spoke out against these formats, which are regarded as piracy. He asked the services to remove the records of their performances.

After the death of singer 23, album Prince officially posted on the web.

Recall, the Prince died 21 April 2016 from an overdose of opioid drugs. The result of two years of investigation, the police are unable to establish who gave the artist these drugs. Prince posthumously conferred the degree of doctor of Humanities.

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