New collective agreement: Magog firefighters more effective

Magogois residents can now sleep in peace: the Magog firefighters collective agreement has been reviewed and improved for better protection on the territory.

This complete restructuring allows the Magog Fire Safety Service to move from 56 volunteer firefighters to 36 permanent staff. The latter will be located in the two barracks on four teams working 24 hours a day. There will also be twenty temporary firefighters who will remain employed by the City. Barracks 1 will be destroyed completely before being rebuilt in the same place while barracks 2 will be reorganized for increased efficiency. Nautical interventions will also be improved, notably by adding a boat that is better suited to these situations. All this together will allow firefighters to be even more efficient and faster.

“When I got there a year ago, I had a mandate to re-analyze all that to see what was going on and what was problematic. There had to be suggestions for improvements and that was what had been done. It comes with a balm, “said Serge Collins, Acting Director of the Fire Safety Service.

Although the development of this new collective agreement has expanded somewhat, it seems to be well received by all the parties concerned. “I think this new service is going to be small because other cities will certainly follow suit. We will be pioneers in this. We are very proud of that. It will provide greater security for citizens and for firefighters. We will have a better strike force during the interventions, “said Pierre-Luc Courchesne, president of the Magog Firefighters Union.

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This new agreement also filled Mayor Vicky-May Hamm, whose primary concerns were the well-being of the Magogois. “It means a lot more efficiency. Citizens can now sleep even better on both ears because they are safe. Some of our residents, such as Lake Lovering, were more worried because they are farther away on our territory. We have made the necessary additions so that they are reassured, “analyzed Mrs. Hamm.

The implementation of this new collective agreement will be finalized in the fall of 2017. It will be valid until 2022. This redesign of the Fire Safety Service will cost the City an additional $ 1.3 million annually. With respect to rebuilding the barracks, tenders are approaching $ 6 million.