New contraceptive: Scientists learned to block sperm from men

American scientists from the University of Michigan have developed a new method of contraception for men. Usually when I speak on this subject, it POPs up only two ways – condom and vasectomy. However, recent studies have shown that it is possible to use the “genetic” method of contraception, that is, to turn off the gene that controls spermatogenesis and sperm production.

The study”s author, Chen Chen said that every year more than half a million men around the world are doing a vasectomy. This means that there is a huge and popular market. It is very important that scientists have now begun to understand the genetic basis that forms the sperm production in mammals.

Experts have found that in the process of sperm production plays a major role PNLDC1 gene. He is an assistant in the control of the mobile fragments of DNA that change position within the genome causing mutations. When this gene is “on”, it allows transposons to interfere in spermatogenesis, and if it is “off”, then the male becomes infertile. Talking about this spent on mice experiments.

The authors believe that the lock PNLDC1 gene will help to create new and effective contraceptive for males. A new discovery may be the most important breakthrough in the 60-year history of research in this area.