The new fighter F-35: Specifications

The most expensive weapon in the history of humanity is recognized and developed in the United States representing the family perspective, stealth fighter-bombers 5th generation F-35. The US government will spend a total of $ 400 billion for the purchase of aircraft in 2400, which is about twice as much as the cost of the American project for the delivery man on the moon.
According to the estimates of American experts in the field of aeronautics and operation of military aircraft, the total price of the establishment and maintenance of each F-35 for all the planned time of his life will be 670 million. And it’s more cost mountains of gold with the weight of the F-35.

According to the Chamber United States, on the continuation of the purchase of F-35 for the Air Force for 459 aircraft require more planned now 83.4 billion dollars. If we take into account this amount, and then the official cost of production of one copy is $ 180 million. The generating the F-35 Lockheed Martin Corporation says it is ready to reduce the cost of one aircraft to 85 million, but under the condition of increasing the number of orders.

Program procurement of F-35 – is the object of constant criticism in the United States because not only that there is a clear inefficiencies in the use of budget funds, so more and maloobyasnimoe constant increase in the cost of aircraft. In addition, the entire program is the F-35 behind the deadlines laid down for 7 years, but has become more expensive by 163 billion.

Some experts even believe that the US would be more profitable to build instead of one F-35 squadron entire military unmanned aerial vehicles. Thus, the cost drone MQ-9 Reaper is “only” 14.4 million. Thus, even if the opponent is hit by a US drone 10, the US Army will lose less than in the case of the collapse of the F-35.

Many experts doubt the very fact that the aircraft can be classified as the 5th generation, they insist that it is rather a 4+ generation aircraft. In particular, despite the statements by representatives of Lockheed Martin, argued that the F-35 is not able to reach supersonic speeds without using afterburner, has a low maneuverability and thrust-weight ratio. The question of its “stealth” for air defense systems also remains open. In particular, the Australian expert, head of Air Power Australia, analyzed the capabilities of the aircraft and the Russian system of S-400 “Triumph”, came to the conclusion that the “golden toy” of the US military will be easy prey for the C-400.

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