New moon June 13: the main restrictions during this period

Новолуние 13 июня: главные запреты в этот период

Already soon Ukrainians will see a record of the lunar Eclipse, but closer to the time of the new moon. So, the new moon in June 2018 will occur on Wednesday, 13 June at 22:40 Moscow time, writes Know.

As in the full moon period at the beginning of a new month, there are certain rules of what not to do to avoid health problems, in work and in personal relationships. Offer to read them in our article.

So, read the main prohibitions in the period of the new moon on June 13.

avoid risky situations;

do not enclose large transactions do not sign a crucial agreement;

do not drive or do long driving during this period.

abstain from alcohol and lush feasts;

you can not engage in heavy physical labor.

While the beginning of the growth of the moon provides a good “growth” launched this day Affairs. During this period, dream and set goals. Also pay great attention to their health, as this phase occurs most strokes and heart attacks.

In General, the new moon June 13, suitable for travel planning and business travel, making a list of people you would like to establish communication, and setting high goals.