New Samsung tablet will have a unique function, ” the Chronicle of world events

Новый планшет Samsung получит уникальную функцию » Хроника мировых событий

Tablet from Samsung will be the first device in its class.

Demand for tablets in the world is declining, so the company Samsung is preparing to release not a pure tablet, a gadget that combines the properties of both tablet and computer. He is called Samsung Galaxy Tab S4. This device has a revolutionary feature.

So, the new tablet from Samsung will be the first device in its class that will have the scanner iris. This technology has a lot of smartphones top level. Technology will be complemented by software scanner, face Unlock, but the emphasis will be on the user’s eyes.

The scanner for the first time iris appeared in the Galaxy Tab Iris, but it was only released to the corporate market.

In addition, for new Samsung tablet will release a special docking station with which it can be connected to the monitor, using it as a computer.