New search algorithm “Prometheus” to “Vkontakte” will help to find like-minded people

New search algorithm was developed by the specialists for the social network “Vkontakte”. “Prometheus” allows you to quickly find the unique content and associates.


New search algorithm marks the specific information with a special icon. “Fire VK” unable to both the community and individual users of the social network. This marking will operate during the week. At this time, the information will be shown to all users who view these posts. This feature will be especially useful to communities and groups entry gets the most number of views and reposts. After a week of showing a fiery icon can be extended.

At the moment, in order to receive a grade of “Prometheus”, it is necessary to create exceptionally unique content, and properly arrange the information and materials. So this mechanism will help to find like-minded people. Feature is available in both full and mobile versions of the social network.