New trailer for the Comedy johnny English reborn: a New mission with Rowan Atkinson

Вышел новый трейлер комедии Агент Джонни Инглиш: Новая миссия с Роуэном Аткинсоном

New trailer for the action Comedy “johnny English reborn: New mission” with Rowan Atkinson (“Mr. Bean”) and Olga Kurylenko (“quantum of solace”) in the lead roles.

The film was directed David Kerr. The picture is the third part of the franchise about the adventures of British spy, a genius of punctures and mishaps, as well as master of awkward situations johnny English.

In the story, the hackers break into the database of British intelligence and calculate the names of all the agents. Is johnny English the last hope of great Britain, he is instructed to find the hacker and the customer cyberattacks.

We will remind, the first part of “johnny English reborn” was released in 2003, and its sequel “Agent johnny inglish: Reloaded” in 2011. The new film “Agent johnny English: New mission” will be released in Ukraine on 20 September this year.

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