New trailer horror Slender man

Вышел новый трейлер хоррора Слендермен

In the network appeared the new trailer for horror of Sylvain white’s “the Slenderman” on the monster that is stalking teenagers in a small town. The video published on the YouTube channel of Sony Pictures.

The Director of “Slender” was made by Sylvain white. The film starred Joey king, Javier Botet, Julia Golden telles, Jasmine Sabino and Annalisa basso.

The film is based on the popular meme of 2009 about wearing a black suit man with long arms. The slenderman was invented for the Internet competition of collages and drawings with the paranormal plot. Subsequently, the image became the basis for many stories and video games in the horror genre.

The film will be released in August this year.

As previously reported, published the first trailer of the film “the Final score” with Dave Batista and Pierce Brosnan.

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