New video about the movie creed 2 showed boxer Victor Drago

Новый ролик о фильме Крид 2 показал боксера Виктора Драго

A special video about the movie “creed 2: Legacy rocky Balboa”. The video is about boxer Victor Drago. Clip published on the YouTube channel of Studio MGM, which produces the tapes.

The video shows how the 28-year-old Victor Drago, along with his father-coach Ivan prepares to do battle in the gym. Then the athlete goes into the ring against the main character of Adonis creed.

“Creed 2: Legacy rocky Balboa” tells about a young boxer who has a wife and child. Once he decides to accept the challenge of Victor Drago and get close to him in the final. Thus Adonis creed intends to avenge his father, who died during the fight with Ivan Drago. This fight promises to be an important challenge in the life of the protagonist.

The role of Adonis creed in the film played by Michael B. Jordan, and his on-screen opponent – Romanian actor Florian Munteanu. Also in the movie played by Sylvester Stallone and Dolph Lundgren. The film was directed by Steven Kapl younger. Ukrainian premiere of the Boxing drama is scheduled for January 24.

We will remind, earlier in a network there was two trailers and a poster for “creed 2: Heritage rocky Balboa”.

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