News ATO: Russia introduced in Ukraine up to thousands of people and nearly a hundred pieces of equipment

armiya vtorxheniyaRussia imposed in Ukraine two battalion tactical group of the army, composed to a thousand regular soldiers and officers of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and to the hundreds of pieces of equipment. This, commenting on the latest news & P, said at the headquarters of the Anti-Terrorism Center.
As reported at the headquarters of the Antiterrorist Center, at the moment the group, changing the location, moving in the direction of Amvrosiivka and Ilovaysk .

“Now to make operational decisions for the Prevention of promotion of these groups. Which decision will be made – will be known later,” – commented on the news in the ATO ATC headquarters.

It also reported that the appearance of these task forces on the territory of fighting complicates the “work” Ukrainian security officials, as in the area of ​​ATO are already in sabotage and reconnaissance group of Russian special forces. According to the ATC, this situation clearly indicates that Russia has moved to a more systematic steps in helping the rebels in the Donbas. That is, from now on military operations and counter-forces to the positions ATO will be carried out jointly. They will be planned by the Russian army and militants for further large-scale operations. According to the operational intelligence reports, as soon as such joint counteroffensive militants will try to increase the territory under the control of “DNR”.

Ukrainian security officials also stressed that at the moment with ituatsiya near Novoazovsk controlled and is not critical. But near Amvrosiivka where already equipped command center of a Russian battalion tactical groups, the situation is more complicated. Because now make operational decisions for a successful raid.

As previously reported, the situation remains tense in the Donbas. Under Ilovaiskaya and in the city continue to bloody battles. Several battalions of forces ATO are positional battles for every street Ilovaysk. ATU fighters are struggling to keep their positions.

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