NICE TRY, or the art of artistic risk minute

Photo: Pedro Ruiz The Duty
Marie-Philip Lamarche and Alexa-Jeanne Dubé founded the evenings NICE TRY (belessai), where the artists have to dial a number in a few hours.

What is a risk-taking art ? If the answers are numerous, Alexa-Jeanne Dubé, artistic director and co-founder, with Marie-Philip Lamarche evenings NICE TRY (belessai), ahead of his own : “I find that artists are often in the performance. The environment is so precarious, everything we do must be good, relevant, as if we were playing our reputation on it every time, ” says the actress and director. “I think it’s very unhealthy. I don’t think that creation and creativity can live in this kind of stress. “It therefore proposes another stress antidote, that of the emergency, the creation minute hyperspontanée. “In the emergency, there is a pleasure ; and we judge less, we go and let’s go ! “Welcome to NICE TRY.


This test bench invites from February 2015, artists from dance, film, theatre, literature, performance or visual arts to call in a few hours a number of a dozen minutes. The rules are clear, let us take those of the 10th edition of next Friday : eight designers will have to work with six comedians for this night specifically, the constraint comes from the distribution, made of three pairs of men and women of three different generations. The identity of the performers will be unveiled to the creators than 48 hours before the show. The actors have previously found two constraints of creation they wish to explore, desires or fantasies of art. Each designer will randomly select one of these constraints and will need to embroider from there, receiving only four hours of rehearsal in the studio. The results will shape a night of cabaret at the Usine C.

I find it important to try to break a little all the p’tites gang, the theatre of an edge and dance, to mix all the world
Alexa-Jeanne Dubé, artistic director

“We try to mix young artists and those who are established, to break down the walls. Just ask, and you realize quickly that people are willings, ” says Mrs. Dubé. She also likes to push the mix of disciplines. “Sometimes, I find it ridiculous to see the extent to which there is no meeting between the different arts. I find it important to try to break a little all the p’tites gang, the theatre of an edge and dance, mixing all of the world. Gang closed, we often find ourselves working with the same people, in the same way, in the same furrows. It feels good [to force crosses]. I would also mix English and French. “


These artistic encounters do not remain the fire for a moment : several works are born already the first strokes of the probe, NICE TRY. Call The singularity is near, Jean-Philippe Baril Guérard, who is in the tent ? Florence Longpré, Hexakosiohexekontahexaphobie Ines Talbi. And Alice Ronfard, Jérémie Niel, Sarianne Cormier, and Jean-Simon Traversy, continue, repeat, and projects inspired by their participation in the evening.


Sketches and first drafts


The failures, the flops are-they are many, in this type of environment extreme ? “It’s really amazing,” exclaimed Marie-Philip Lamarche. I am not able to name a single issue where there has been “iiiiiiiiiiish !”. There are things less powerful than other, necessarily, but never out of their element in the context of the evening. “There are first drafts, of fragility, of the” stuff sometimes hypersimples, but that work really well “, but few of firecrackers wet, according to the organizers. Alexa-Jeanne Dubé believes that it is also because they have developed the art of choosing the designers. “It was an artistic direction. Unlike events such as Kino or the Fringe, open to all, we wanted a different formula, more oriented, inviting people whose work makes us curious ” and who seem to have the nerves to react well to stress.


Result ? Evenings run, an audience that comes and comes back. “There are 200 or 300 people each time,” says Alexa-Jeanne Dubé. “I don’t know who they are : a lot of young, early twenties. I think that the shape cabaret is for something. It sells beer, spectators can get up during the presentations, there are those who sit to the ground to the stands. It is very relaxed, uninhibited, not bourgeois, a truly popular theatre. And in this spirit, with the creation time is very tight, it is as if was born out of empathy of the public, a species of love and admiration for the artists ” involved. The two founders emphasise the importance of the collaboration of the Plant C, which offers the hall. “We would NEVER have been able to afford to rent a theatre every three months. Usine C is a key employee, who is a part of our winning recipe, and that is also that people want to participate. “And the broadcaster also offers a residence of two weeks, handed out each season to one artist who participated.


For this edition, will make a beautiful essay, the stage director Frédéric Dubois, choreographer Helen Simard, the playwright and actress Gabrielle Lessard, a multidisciplinary artist, Belinda Campbell, the director and actor Marie Charlebois, director Marie Charlebois and two other designers that were not yet released at the time of writing these lines.

Nice Try (belessai)

10th evening of spontaneous creation, at Usine C, on 12 January