Night in Berlin were “extremely complex” negotiations MFA Ukraine, Germany, France and Russia

negotiations of foreign ministers
negotiations of foreign ministers

After midnight Moscow time in Berlin (Germany) concluded negotiations of foreign ministers of Ukraine, Russia, Germany and France. Told to his microblog Twitter director of the Political Department of the MFA of Ukraine Oleksiy Makeev, who is in the Ukrainian delegation and attended the final part of the negotiations.
“The ministers came out. Conversation was serious. Klimkin concentrated. Time for specialists in diplomatic interpretation statements. Klimkin tell the truth” – written by Makeev.
On the outcome of talks with diplomats to report soon.
End of conversation confirmed in the microblog Twitter as head of the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Pavel Klimkin.
“5:00 daunting conversation. But perhaps to budge, we must repeatedly for 5 h. Friend Now Frank-Walter to make a statement,” – wrote Klimkin.
Also the head of the Ukrainian diplomats said that the parties to reach a compromise is not yet possible.
“There is no place of compromise, where the state has to cross a” red line. “Ukraine it is not crossed. Felt the support of our partners,” – wrote Paul Klimkin.

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