Niki Ashton to be NDP Leadership Race

Churchill-Keewatinook Aski MP Niki Ashton is expected to announce her candidacy for the New Democratic Party (NDP) leadership contest on Tuesday.

In 2012, Niki Ashton had also tried to win the leadership race of the party to replace Jack Layton.
For the time being, three other MPs have also announced their desire to lead the NDP. They are Peter Julian of British Columbia, Charlie Angus of Ontario and Guy Caron of Quebec.
The candidates will debate for the first time on Sunday in Ottawa.
The race will end in October.
An Ontario NDP MP, Jagmeet Singh, is still considering a possible candidacy, but his office says that Singh should not make his intentions known this week.
Among the party’s main challenges were the management of a $ 5.8 million debt and the need to increase the membership to 60,000 in December.

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