Nissan Navara will be equipped with a turbodiesel from Mercedes-Benz

On the pages of specialized publications have published information according to which, the Japanese pickup Nissan Navara will not be equipped with 6-cylinder diesel engine from Mercedes-Benz. This was reported by the development Manager of the project X-Class Australian and new Zealand car markets Scott Williams.

According to a top Manager, Japanese developers from Nissan will never get the diesel engine from Mercedes-Benz. He explains that the cooperation agreement between Nissan and Mercedes-Benz involves the provision of Mercedes-Benz X-Class platform from the pickup Nissan Navara. But no more mutual exchanges of technology the agreement provides.

In addition, for Nissan introduction Nissan Navara pick-up this motor and its associated equipment would be quite costly. What will appear under the hood of a Japanese pickup truck is unknown, but experts note that it needs to be the engine as in Ford Raptor Range to compete with them on equal terms.