Nissan recalls in Russia more than 24 000 vehicles

According to the local automotive media, the Russian office of the company Nissan announced the start revocable campaign that will affect more than 24 000 vehicles. It is noted that it is about 13 945 crossovers Nissan Qashqai, and 10 226 hatchbacks Nissan Note.


On the pages of the Department of Rosstandart has information about what Nissan plans to withdraw Russia 24 171 car. It is noted that 13 of 945 crossovers Nissan Qashqai have a wrong wiring of the electrical connector in the front side panel.

In Rosstandart noted that in the specified car brand Nissan there is a possibility the wiring with floor mats that could lead to wet wires and electrical connector. In consequence of this defect may cause a short circuit and corrosion of connector contacts. Also due to a fault may fail one of the Windows.

In addition, service demand 10 226 hatchbacks Nissan Note, which have some defects with airbags for the front row seats. It is noted that the crossover Nissan Qashqai will change the shape of the floor covering and, if necessary, replace the electrical connector, and all work will be free for owners of the models.