Nitric acid leak which occurred in the Dnipropetrovsk region, was carrying without a license – Ukrtransagent

Азотную кислоту, утечка которой произошла в Днепропетровской области, перевозили без лицензии, - Укртрансбезопасности

The owner of nitric acid accompanied her carriage without a license. This was announced by the head of Department “Ukrtransstroi” in the Dnepropetrovsk area Alexey Stepanenko at the press-conference, reports news Agency “Bridge-Dnepr”.

“Such a dangerous cargo like nitric acid is subject to licensing. After checking the documentation, we see that the company has not received such license, respectively, have made the transportation of illegal. The owner said that he wanted to earn some money, and then to get a license,” – said Stepanenko.

According to him, this fact made the administrative material according to p. 1 article 164 of the Administrative code of Ukraine. Such violation is subject to a fine 17-34 thousand UAH, with confiscation of raw materials and transport.

We will remind, on August 7 the route Dnieper – Kobeliaky – Reshetylivka R-52 outside of the village of Ivanovka in Dnipropetrovska region leaked about 3-4 t of nitric acid from a tanker with a capacity of 35 tons.

On the fact of leak of nitric acid police Dnipropetrovsk region opened criminal Proizvodstvo part 1 of article 267 (violation of rules for handling explosives, flammable and caustic substances, or radioactive materials) of the MCC.

In Goschs reported that the leak is neutralized, no dangerous vapors.

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