Non-prescription drugs : ask for advice !


Published the 14.11.2017 at 10h59


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Drugs against the common cold, cough, or the flu. Some are more dangerous than useful. The association 60 million consumers carried out a study on 62 without a prescription. Nearly half are not recommended, because the risk/benefit ratio is unfavourable.

Thus, 45% of the drug being evaluated, are to be avoided, and 33% are considered acceptable, their effectiveness is low or non-proven, but they are well tolerated. Only 21% of the tested products are well evaluated.

Anti-colds : distrust

Among the drugs that should be avoided, the anti-colds. They contain two to three active compounds : a vasoconstrictor (to unblock the nose), an antihistamine (to combat the runny nose) and paracetamol or ibuprofen (from the evil of skull). With this kind of medication, there is a risk of overdose and adverse effects (accidents cardio-vascular or neurological, dizziness, etc.).

In addition, they may contain pseudoephedrine, a vasoconstrictor that is not safe in some patients. To relieve congestion in the nose, the pseudoephedrine contracts the blood vessels and increases the diameter of the nasal cavities. Except that when taken orally, this substance catches all the blood vessels in the body. This can have serious consequences to the heart or neurological.

Anti-cough : to avoid

Finally, the cough medicines are in the majority little recommended because of their composition. On the set of those analyzed, only one is to be preferred. This may be related to the fact that since July, the cough syrups with a basis of dextromethorphan are sold only with a prescription. Gold, to them, were found to be effective.

Before you self-medicate, so it is best to read the instructions and pictograms, and do not hesitate to seek the advice of the pharmacist.