North Korea on Tuesday compared US President Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler shortly before South Korean President Moon Jae-In’s visit to Washington. In an editorial, the official KCNA agency believes that the policy of the US president is a form of “Nazism of the 21st century” by denouncing the slogan “America First” put forward by Mr. Trump from his inaugural speech in January. “The” America first principle “aims at world domination through military means, as was the case for the concept of world occupation of Hitler,” the agency said. Mr Trump “follows Hitler’s dictatorial policy” to divide the world into two categories, “friends and enemies” in order to justify the “suppression” of the latter, the agency adds. North Korea is accustomed to a flourish language to criticize its enemies. But comparisons with Adolf Hitler are rare. On Thursday, Pyongyang called Mr. Trump a “psychopath”, in a context tense by the death of Otto Warmbier, an American student repatriated in a coma in the United States after his detention in North Korea. By 2014, KCNA had treated Donald Trump’s predecessor, Barack Obama, among other insults, as a “bastard of mixed blood” and spoke of his “monkey-like appearance.” KCNA had already reached a new stage in curses by taking a short time before ex-South Korean president Park Geun-Hye, compared to a “prostitute” and Barack Obama, a “mackerel.” The Trump administration is working on a tightening of existing international sanctions against North Korea in an attempt to force it to abandon its banned nuclear and ballistic programs. KCNA accused Washington of blocking deliveries of medical products to North Korea, seeing it as “an inhuman and unethical act, much higher than the siege of Leningrad by Hitler.” The present-day siege of St. Petersburg by the German army lasted nearly 900 days between 1941 and 1944 and totaled more than two million deaths. The threat posed by North Korea – which is openly seeking intercontinental missiles – is expected this week to be at the heart of the first summit in the United States between MM. Trump and Moon.

Syria’s Bashar al-Assad regime would prepare for a new chemical attack, the United States said Monday. They said they were ready to fight back as they did after a similar attack in early April in a context of growing tensions between the two countries.

“The United States has identified potential preparations for another chemical attack by the Syrian regime of Assad, which could lead to the massacre of civilians, including innocent children,” wrote the White House spokesman, Sean Spicer, in a statement.

Ces activités «sont similaires aux préparatifs du régime avant son attaque à l’arme chimique du 4 avril», a noté le représentant de l’exécutif américain.

Cette attaque avait provoqué une riposte militaire des États-Unis, qui avaient tiré 59 missiles contre une base aérienne en Syrie, marquant la première intervention armée de Washington contre le régime de Damas.

Si le président syrien lançait une autre attaque à l’arme chimique, «lui et son armée paieraient le prix fort», a prévenu Sean Spicer.

«Toute nouvelle attaque lancée à l’encontre de la population syrienne sera attribuée à Assad, mais également à la Russie et à l’Iran, qui l’ont aidé à tuer son propre peuple», a pour sa part prévenu lundi soir dans un tweet Nikki Haley, l’ambassadrice américaine à l’ONU.

L’attaque chimique présumée du 4 avril à Khan Cheikhoun, dans la province rebelle d’Idleb avait fait 88 morts, dont 31 enfants, provoquant l’indignation de nombreuses capitales qui mettent en cause le régime de Bachar Al-Assad.

Ce raid était, selon l’Observatoire syrien des droits de l’Homme (OSDH), la deuxième attaque chimique la plus meurtrière depuis le début du conflit en 2011 après celle au gaz sarin qui avait fait plus de 1400 morts dans la banlieue de Damas en 2013.

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Bachar Al-Assad a assuré pour sa part à plusieurs reprises avoir remis tous ses stocks d’armes chimiques, conformément à un accord mis au point sous les auspices de la Russie pour éviter les menaces croissantes d’une action militaire américaine.

But US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said he has “no doubt” that Damascus has retained chemical weapons. According to an Israeli military study, Bashar Al-Assad still has “a few tons” of chemical weapons.

“Cynical and unprecedented provocation”

The United States had responded to the events of Khan Sheikhoun on the night of April 6-7 by firing 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles from two US ships in the Mediterranean to the Al-Chaayrate air base near Homs.

Sean Spicer wished to recall in his statement on Monday that the objective of the US in Syria is only to fight against the Islamic state group, and not to launch a war against the Assad regime.

Moscow and London reacted Tuesday morning to the American warning.

“As always in war, military action must be justified, legal, proportionate. It must be necessary. In the latter case, it was, “said British Defense Minister Michael Fallon on the BBC, referring to Khan Cheikhoun.

“If the Americans have recourse to a similar action,” he said, “I want to be very clear, we will support it.”

Very different tone in Moscow. For Franz Klintsevich, from the Defense Committee to the upper house of parliament, “it is clear. A cynical and unprecedented provocation is being prepared, “he said.

The United States is officially present in Syria to advise and arm the Syrian Democratic Forces (FDS) that are fighting against the Islamic State group.

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The warning comes in the context of an outbreak of fever between the Syrian regime and the US-backed forces in the country, which stirs the specter of a military confrontation with the Damascus regime.

On June 18, the United States shot down a Syrian plane in eastern Syria, explaining that the aircraft was threatening the allied coalition FDS.

And at least three times since early May in the Al-Tanaf region, near the border with Iraq and Jordan, US forces have bombed pro-regime forces that were threatening coalition soldiers.