Norway is ready to help Ukraine join NATO

assistance from Norway
assistance from Norway

Norway is ready to help Ukraine integrate into NATO. The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Norway Borg brand in the joint press briefing with Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin, UNIAN.
He said that this week will take place in Wales next summit of NATO-Ukraine, where, he said, held talks on the future of relations between Ukraine and NATO. Meanwhile, Brenda is convinced that Ukraine to decide with whom it had better be.
“And if the Ukrainian government Ukrainian people will conclude that they would join NATO, the alliance provides a secure future, we have to respect that choice. Is relevant processes such entry. Undoubted difficulty is that there is an unresolved problem in the Donbas is need for reform, and here I want to say that Norway is always ready at the bilateral level and other formats to provide necessary help Ukraine “, – he said.

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