Nothing is left to chance at the SQ

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The Sûreté du Québec has deployed its most important structure of emergency measures to avoid a kerfuffle like the one of highway 13 in 2017 will not happen again with this storm that came down presently in Quebec.

On Tuesday afternoon, all of the police resources in the metropolitan area had already mobilised to ensure monitoring and, most importantly, be visible on the roads.

“The goal is to slow down motorists. Our police officers ensure that they be present in areas known to be accidentogènes and maintain the safety of users “, explains the sergeant Stéphane Tremblay.

Given the importance of rainfall announced, the police has deployed operation de-Icer including a structure of emergency measures.

Thus, the control Center of the headquarters of the SQ on the rue Parthenais ensures coordination of operations for Quebec as a whole, continuously, until tomorrow at least.

“This allows us to be more efficient to handle events outside of the normal for nothing to escape,” says lieutenant Hugo Fournier.

Constant monitoring

In 2017, when hundreds of motorists were stuck on highway 13, the centre had not been put to contribution.

This time, a dozen officers installed in front of their screens have access to the information from the operational centres of regional real-time.

The staff can thus quickly decide actions to take to respond to problems on the motorway network.

The control Center is typically reserved for large scale events, like the fire in L’isle-Verte, or the tragedy of Lac-Mégantic.

They also have a constant link with the stakeholders of Transport Québec in the case of accumulations, major snow, caroms or road closure.

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“Our police officers and their patrol have complementary mandates,” adds the lieutenant Fournier.

Present and visible

On the motorway network in the Greater Montreal, approximately 85 vehicles in the SQ crisscross permanently the territory until the end of the storm. More than 700 were planned for the entire province.

The patrol will have an eye on the “igloos” mobile, motorists too in a hurry to defrost their car, and those who do not keep a large enough distance to stop.

“The maximum allowable limit, it is in road conditions are optimal,” says the sergeant Tremblay. It also must be ensured to be visible and turn on the headlights. “

They will also make patrols of deductions to slow down the traffic, an effective measure has been able to see The Newspaper , accompanying an officer on Tuesday night on highway 40, to The Assumption.

Police snowmobilers are also stationed in positions, in particular in Mascouche, and at the disposal of the officers of the operational Centres.