Nut Spas – 2018: As is customary to note the transfer of the miraculous image of Jesus Christ

Ореховый Спас – 2018: Как принято отмечать перенесение Нерукотворного образа Иисуса Христа

Orthodox Christians on August 29 is celebrated the Third Saviour. In people it is called Nutty, or Bread.

Third Saved goes after Honey (August 14) and Apple (19 August), the Rescue, details about which we wrote earlier.

His ecclesiastical name – the transfer of the miraculous image of Jesus Christ.

The background of the holiday

According to legend, it all began with the campaign of the painter Ananias to Jesus Christ. Ananias brought Jesus a letter, in which the patient with leprosy the Governor of the city of Edessa in Mesopotamia was asked to come and heal him.

The painter tried to write the image of Christ, but he failed. Then Jesus wiped his face with a towel, which reflected his face. Later, one of the disciples of Christ took a towel to the patient to the king, and so he was healed from a serious illness.

August 29, the year 944 the Byzantine Emperor Constantine Porphyrogenitus ordered to move the miraculous image of Christ from Edessa to Constantinople. It then was established the celebration.

Folk tradition

The third Saviour is called the Nut. This is due to the fact that at this time, as a rule, finished the harvest and matured hazelnuts, which were allowed to collect.

In the ancient Savior of the Nut feast organized fairs, so the celebration was also called “Savior on the canvas” or “Canvas Saved”. It was believed that on this day the trade went particularly well.

In the old days said: “the First Christ — on the water cost; the second Saved — apples eat; the third Saved — in the green mountains of canvases sell”.

The Third was Saved in the Church of the Holy nuts, and it is believed that this day is allowed to eat the nuts of the new crop.

The main dish – a loaf of new bread and nuts. Also on the table should be honey and apples. Guests and family were treated to cakes and dishes with nuts.

Besides, this day it is accepted to consecrate water and to clean wells. It was believed that water from underground sources in this time of healing.

The third Saviour and also believe the period of harvesting apples, and collected during this period, the apples should be nutritious and long shelf life.

For the Walnut fly Saved the last swallows.

There was a saying: if the crane will fly away to the Third Save, then the Cover will be frosty.

This festival is also arranged divination. In particular, girls were wondering in the nuts and learned their fate. The first broken nut had to eat and determine its taste. If it is sweet – good luck in love Affairs, bitter – disappointment.

Walnut Spas – traditional fairs and shopping.

To buy something necessary, to the next year does not lack money.


The third Saved the bread for me.

Harvest nuts — the harvest of grain next year.

Harvest the nuts two years in a row does not happen.

Swallows fly away in three times, in three of the Savior.

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