NVidia has taught artificial intelligence to fake the weather and the landscape

Representatives of NVidia Corporation never cease to make their way to the triumph of artificial intelligence. Some experts argue that such efforts will put an end to the reality which it knows. At the moment in the ability of the AI is already changing the weather, day and night, and changing geometry in the form of leopard spots.


Is the procedure with the help of unique uncontrolled method of machine learning. It allows you to change the contents of a video almost completely and can work with almost any source.

Using a new technique, able to achieve results which amaze and frighten at the same time, because it is terrible to imagine what will be capable of artificial intelligence after 10-20 years.

Previous methods required significantly more data for comparison. The problem was to teach the machine to find its own pattern that is based exclusively on unsupervised learning.
Researchers from NVidia saying that the problem was considered in many examples, but one of the key began coloring pictures.