Nyusha expressed support for Putin and Olympic athletes in the video

The singer Nyusha has not remained aloof from the latest developments and the video has expressed support for Russian Olympians, and Vladimir Putin.


The video she attached the text that briefly conveys its essence. Half of the movie Nyusha are dedicated to how much she’s happy news on the nomination of Vladimir Putin’s candidacy for President. This position forced a large proportion of fans of the singer to unsubscribe from her account and even fall into abuse. However, there were those who shared her views.

Another no less significant part, Jane was told that the Russian Olympians should not be upset due to the ongoing scandal. The girl’s sister Mary also came from Games in Rio medal in the category “synchronized swimming”. Masha, in turn, also suggest athletes to be more cheerful spirit, for they devote their lives, and the prohibitions of the authorities should not stop them. It was her words Nyusha gave in his video.