Occupancy rate: more than 85% of emergencies in standards, says Barrette

(Quebec) More than 85% of Québec’s emergencies are currently “within the standards” as to their occupancy rate following the instructions given to the CEOs of the hospitals, Health. Gaétan Barrette.

The minister made this point when he was questioned in the Chamber by the member of the Canadian Bar Association, François Paradis, who noted that the emergencies at Maisonneuve-Rosemont, Pierre-Le Gardeur and Pierre-Boucher still showed 159% Of 169% and 186% respectively. “Does the Minister of Health recognize that three years after he came to power, he has not managed to ease the emergencies?” Asked the Health Council’s spokesman.

“This morning, like the whole week, after the instructions I gave, more than 85% of Quebec’s emergencies are in their occupancy rates as set out in our regulations,” said Minister Barrette.

The Minister of Health recalled that his government had invested a “substantial” amount ($ 100 million) to free up beds on floors that were occupied by people who should have been elsewhere and prevented patients from being treated urgently, Occupy these beds.

“These beds were freed. What happened? Unfortunately, there are people who have seen beds released and used them … for procedures that were rather elective. It had the effect of clogging the emergencies, and I asked the people in the network that the released beds should be used primarily for the patients in the emergency room and not for the elective procedures, which has been done, “he said. Said Minister Barrette.

Doctors convenience stores in Saint-Marc-des-Carrieres

The Minister of Health also announced Wednesday in a communiqué that he authorized the CIUSSS of the Capitale-Nationale to use the mechanism of doctors convenience stores to ensure the permanence of services in the emergency department of Saint Marc -Careers, struggling with regular medical discoveries. Still last weekend, the emergency was deprived of doctor for 24 hours.

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“Portneuf has a particular profile, particularly because of its remoteness from the heart of the region. We want to find the best ways to meet the health care needs of the population. That is why we adapted the Regional Physician Workforce Plan last fall to add three family physician positions in the northwest of Portneuf, which is why we are Authorization, “the minister explained.

The troubleshooting mechanism is to address the shortage of medical personnel in four areas: emergency, short-term, anesthesiology and obstetrics. “The use of this mechanism is possible when the institutions are appointed by the Joint Committee of the Federation of General Practitioners of Quebec (FMOQ), to which the Minister of Health agrees,” the statement said .

Asked why there was no recourse to the troubleshooting mechanism to resolve the recurring medical discovery problem at the Saint-Marc-des-Carrières emergency room, Minister Barrette’s press secretary Julie White explained That “we can not distribute doctors convenience stores in all situations”.

“First, institutions must do the work necessary to ensure that their existing workforce responds to periods of stripping. Secondly, it is also necessary to negotiate with the FMOQ. This is a job we have been doing for a few weeks, “said White.