In occupied territory of Donbas all remaining deposits of anthracite in Ukraine

Separatists keep naydepresyvnishi the region, but there were all deposits of thermal coal suitable for power station.
Today naydepresyvnishi separatists held in the two areas where cost-effective and promising industries can be counted on the fingers. This was the latest issue of “Ukrainian Week” writes columnist Denis Kazan.

“But that is where most live Donetsk and Lugansk pensioners who no longer receive social benefits. The population of the mining towns – is almost entirely people of retirement age or retirement, and pension and mining recourse payments were among the highest in the country. “Deprived” militants Ukraine as much of unprofitable mines, of which the government again for a long time did not know what to do “- writes Kazan.

According to him, they took away profitable enterprise.

“All deposits of anthracite coal – thermal coal suitable for use in thermal power plants – were seized by militants in the area. Anthracite seams narrow strip stretching along the Russian border from Makeevki to perils. On the Ukrainian territory is only coking coal suitable for steel, but not for power, “- said the columnist.

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