Oculus Go : a VR helmet for 199 dollars only

Facebook recently introduced the small last of the family Oculus : theOculus Gb. This is the virtual reality helmet the more accessible financially than the firm has ever put on the market.

Oculus Gb : a top of the range mini price

Oculus Gb no need for a computer or a smartphone to function, so does not require headphones, and has no son. But this is only half of the story, because the pinnacle of the technology, according to its manufacturer, is offered at a price never seen before for a product Oculus : 199 dollars only. And that the followers of the nec plus ultra is assured, behind this award, “entry level” there would be a product very successful. It is important to keep in mind that its big brother, the Oculus Rift, was released in march 2016 and has not seen his hardware improved since. His field of vision is limited to 110 degrees and its sensors cover an area of 0.75 square metre only, features that are starting to be seen as largely inadequate as the VR-games are becoming more sophisticated and consumers expect a gaming experience more realistic.

Facebook has not yet revealed the technical specifications of theOculus Gb, but promises an enhanced visual experience (reflections reduced, wider angle of view) and a greater comfort for the wearer, which passes by the use of the best materials for the manufacture of the helmet and especially by a reduced body weight. But, even more important, it is the first headset Oculus-powered without wires. The games will download directly on the headset itself and are managed directly by it.

Oculus Gb will be able to accommodate all of the games for Gear VR

The absence of wires has been made possible by the integration of the speakers on the headset itself. According to the announcement of the manufacturer, these speakers minimalist offer an audio rendering of high-quality, while allowing the wearer of the helmet to hear what is going on in the room around him. To the people wanting to completely isolate, Oculus Gb offers, just like Oculus Rift, an audiojack to connect a headset.

On the software side, the future buyers of the Oculus Gb, you should also be delighted : the entire set of games developed for the Samsung Gear VR will work on the Oculus Gb.

Sales of the Oculus Gb should start in early 2018 in the United States. Its price (199 dollars-Atlantic) has not yet been set for Europe. Parallel to the announcement of this new helmet, Facebook drop in the price of the Oculus Rift : it is now sold at 399 dollars, levers included.

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