Of Constantinople, the Church may grant autocephaly without the consent of other churches, the Cathedral in Istanbul

Константинопольская церковь может предоставлять автокефалию без согласия других церквей, - собор в Стамбуле

The Patriarchate of Constantinople could grant autocephaly to the Church without any coordination. As reports “gromadske”, the decision was taken on 2 September the Council of bishops of the Church of Constantinople in Istanbul.

The Council considered the question of how the Church of Constantinople is authorized, without the consent of other churches to grant autonomy, autocephaly of the Church that so requests.

The answer, which was accepted by the bishops as a result of this discussion was in the affirmative, transmits the.

As the media, the procedure for the granting of the Tomos can take up to one month as all the acts of this Council must be recorded and approved by the Synod.

We will remind, the Council of bishops of the Church of Constantinople began on 1 September and will last up to 3 numbers. The main theme of the Council is granting the Ukrainian Orthodox Church autocephaly. It is expected that after consultations with the bishops from around the world Patriarchate of Constantinople can finally define the terms of the Tomos.


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