Of quebec travellers are prisoners of their hotel in Haiti

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Fifty of quebec travellers in Haiti have been able to take their return flight to the departure Port-au-Prince, because of the demonstrations rocking the country.

The company air Transat has had to cancel their transfer to the capital because she was not able to ensure their safety during the trip of an hour and a half that separates them from the airport.

Transat has therefore asked these 48 Quebecers not to leave their hotel. “Our partner hotel, the Royal Decameron, we ensure that you are safe on the premises of the hotel”, one can read in a letter that it sent to its customers.

As Transat has only two flights a week to Haiti, the passengers may have to wait until Sunday to enter the country.

“We are in the process of seeing if we wait for next Sunday to complete the transfer, if it is clear and safe,” says Debbie Cabana, director of public relations for Transat.

“We are in the process of see, also, if, at the level of the air operations […] we can [move forward] an earlier flight that Sunday,” adds Ms. Cabana.

Passengers are concerned about this situation. Even if they do lack anything in terms of food, some have obligations at home and the other is starting to run out of medication.

“They get along as they can. People who were left of the medication for the diabetes to those who remained,” says Nathalie Vaillancourt, to be a travel agent, of which four clients are stuck there.

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Transat has also suspended the sale of the packages on the Côte des Arcadins until the end of the month.

On the side of the canadian government, it ensures close monitoring of the situation. “The lives and safety of Quebecers, Canadians who are in Haiti [are important], we are in constant discussion with the authorities and our embassy there,” said the minister Mélanie Joly.

She has advised travellers currently in Haiti to visit the website of the government of Canada, where are identified the opinion and advice to travelers.