The oldest man in the world was 111-year-old Japanese

 Saakri Momoy
Saakri Momoy

Status oldest man planet officially moved to the 111-year-old Japanese Saakri Momoy. According to Daily Mail, Mr. Momo was born on February 5, 1903 in the city of Fukushima.
Long served as Executive Director of the Chamber of Commerce in Yono in Saitama Prefecture, where to this day.
Under other same data, Momoy life worked as a teacher.
In Saakri Momo three children, 11 grandchildren and 32 great-grandchildren.
Previously, the title of the oldest man was an American of Polish descent Alexander Imich, which was only a day older than the Japanese. Imich died on 8 June.
Note, the oldest woman in the world, which is the oldest man in the world and also lives in Japan. 116-year-old Mies Okawa hit the Guinness Book of Records in February 2013.
Recall that in March, the Carpathian region, died 117 years old Ukrainian Catherine Kozak, who could become officially the oldest man on earth, but did not live to witness the ceremony Guinness World Records.

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