Olga Buzova popped the chest during a speech in front of children

Breasts Olga Buzova jumped out of the red topic during a speech at the concert Kinder MUZ Awards. At the event, the star sang the song “Hit parade” along with Lisa Anokhina.


Olga Buzova sang at a children’s event Kinder MUZ Awards. On the performance of the infamous singer chose a rather strange outfit: bright red shorts resembling underwear more, and the same color top. Throughout the performances the chest of Olga Buzova tried to jump out of short shirts. Below this point do not hit the lenses of the cameras, the singer turned away from the audience and straightened his unruly top. Also puzzling outfit called Anokhina and girls on the dancer.

According to media reports, the speech was purely commercial in nature. According to some reports, the performance of Olga Buzova songs together with Lisa Anokhina have paid the mother of the latter.