Olga Cybulski posed on the background of a new car

Ольга Цибульская позировала на фоне нового авто

Leading car boastedThe singing of the Ukrainian TV presenter Olga Cybulski was published in the microblog photo, which poses in the background of my new iron horse, writes the Chronicle.info with reference to Storinka

As admitted star, blue sports car brand “Lexus” helps her to catch always and everywhere, but at the same time guarantee the safety of its movements.

Members noted that Olga looks very harmonious next to the car and really deserve the best, writes storinka.com.ua.

In the photo Olga captured in a stylish and original manner — dress of Navy blue, complemented by accessories in the form of yellow heels and earrings in the form of balls.

Ольга Цибульская позировала на фоне нового авто