Olivier Minne : “I would define myself as gay”

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Olivier Minne (Presentation of his book “Louis Jourdan, Marseilles Hollywood”) – National Days of books and Wine from Saumur. On may 14, 2017 © Nicolas Desvignes / Bestimage

The host of 50 years has crossed the cape.

Olivier Minne has taken the plunge !

In 2014, the host of Fort Boyard (France 2) told the micro RMC to be “hétéromo”. A statement that has excited many fans. “I have received no insult, that’s weird… I’ve had dozens of testimonies of young people who were asking themselves questions about their sexuality. I was very moved by it. (…) I have always tried to be sincere with the viewers. I never invented, î he told Tv 7 Days in march 2017. Testimonies have probably given the desire to reveal his homosexuality a few months later.

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In fact, last June, the former candidate for Dancing with the stars (season 7, 2016), admitted to Buzzfeed that he loved the men and explained why he asserted himself as bisexual : “I have used this tip because I didn’t want to deny the stories that I have been able to have with women (…). Today, I would define myself as gay. I’ve never gone through this phase of concealment, because everything went quietly in a family that was not asked of questions on it. Even vis-à-vis the press, I’ve never done false paparazzade for example, while I know that some of my colleagues have done that.”

Olivier Minne was then explained that these are the events around the wedding for all who have pushed to break out of the shell : “I’ve never felt the need to make my coming out as a youth because the word homophobic was probably less released. I didn’t see how it could change anything and this is no doubt an error on my part. But after the debate on marriage for all, it was different.”

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