Olympic champion Lebedev: boycott the Olympics in 2018 will be a big mistake

Tatyana Lebedev, the Olympic champion in broad jumps, has called a boycott of the Olympics-the 2018 big mistake that Russia does not need to be made. Member of the Federation Council Committee on social policy believes that the situation could be repeated in 1984.


In 1984, Soviet athletes missed the Olympics. Forced to boycott the Olympics in 1984 and now regret the lost chance – said Lebedev.

She noted that the IOC decision not to allow Russia to Games under the national flag was not a surprise. It was expected that the team “to the maximum will be cut”. But the Russians can apply for the status of Olympic Athlete from Russia (OAR), “the athletes from Russia,” added Lebedev. Athletes should decide for themselves whether they act under a neutral flag, and if they are, they need support – she called.

To respect the principles of the Olympics, at the closing ceremony of the national team of Russia will be able to get out under the national flag – says Lebedev. A boycott of the winter Olympics in 2018 will allow the IOC to claim after the fact that Russia has refused the chance – she said.