On another warehouse of the Ministry of defense found the drone

Над еще одним складом Минобороны обнаружили беспилотник

For the second consecutive day, the defense Ministry fixes the drones flying over their warehouses, the incident occurred on 5 November. This was reported on the website of the Department.

It is reported that “on 5 November, at 18:30, near the location of one of military units of airborne assault forces of the armed forces, a patrol for the protection of the warehouses of combustive-lubricating materials noticed the proximity of the UAV to an altitude of 300 meters to the restricted area”.

The duty was strengthened the protection of the military part of the territory of warehouses checked for presence of foreign objects.

The fact of the use of drones in close proximity to the military unit immediately reported to the security Service of Ukraine and the National police of Ukraine.

In case of violation of the boundaries of the restricted areas, dress in protecting warehouses and the military were ready to destroy the UAV and to detain the persons who ruled them.

Recall the last time a drone noticed on the Arsenal of the defense Ministry on 4 November. Division of electronic warfare was immediately suppressed by the radio control UAV that made it impossible for its further use.

Recall that in early October in Ichnya district of Chernihiv region there was a fire in the technical areas of the sixth defence Ministry Arsenal. After this started to blow up and scatter in different directions ammunition. The responsible authorities decided to evacuate the population in the 16-kilometer zone of possible defeat. Almost 40 settlements – about 20 thousand people. The elimination of fire lasted for one week. Law enforcement bodies have considered three versions of the fire. Foremost of these is sabotage with the penetration on the territory of warehouses of subversive groups.

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