On Board EasyJet fought three drunken women

Three women fight organized right, “under the wing of the aircraft”, onboard the airliner EasyJet. Pretty girls drank alcohol and did not stop the fact that at the time of fist fights the plane was in the air.

The airliner flew from London to the Canary Islands. Among the passengers in the cabin were three women who were friends together. This fact was immediately noticeable, as the passenger kept together, and drank alcohol in the air. After another accepted the glass of vodka, one of them something is not liked, and the woman started screaming on the plane. Such a reaction immediately was the reaction of other passengers.

The flight attendant was forced to take alcohol. But suddenly between the other two arose a squabble with profanity. A few minutes later the girlfriend grappled with each other in a fight. Together, the girls managed to calm down a bit. But on arrival at the airport they were all seated in a police car and taken to the police station.