On Board the ISS computer broke down

На борту МКС сломался компьютер

Aboard the International space station is out of order computer control. About it reports “Roscosmos”.

“Missing so-called software readiness one of three computers on the ISS, in other words, there is a failure of the program. The recovery computer needs to be restarted. For confidence in the reliability of the November dock with the ship “Progress” a restart will be held 8.11.2018. To change the computer is not necessary”, – stated in the message of the Russian mission control center.

“Roskosmos” assure that the operation of the ISS crashing will have no effect, since a regular sequence diagram allows an infinitely long time to fly on two channels.

About the damage long before the Russians told the Americans. According to their data, refused to work the computer that controls the Russian segment of the ISS Zvezda module.

We will add that this is the last of a succession of failures of Roskosmos for the last time.

On 1 October, after the launch from Baikonur of the carrier rocket “Soyuz-FG” with the spacecraft “Soyuz MS-10”, which was supposed to deliver to the ISS Russian cosmonaut Alexei Ovchinin and American astronaut Nick Hague, the accident occurred on the medium. The crew was not injured and landed safely on the capsule in Kazakhstan.

Experts involved in the investigation, said that the accident occurred due to an error when attaching the side units to the second stage of the launch vehicle.

And in the early fall aboard the ISS found a hole through which evaporated oxygen. In Russia suspected sabotage, saboteur looking for two of the government Commission, the results of the investigation are not announced yet.

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