On parting with Zadornov fans didn’t recognize the grieving Regina Dubovitskaya

Among those who attended the closed ceremony of farewell in a Moscow clinic with Mikhail Zadornov, also attended and Regina Dubovitskaya, former leading famous throughout Russia transfer the “full House”. However, neither journalists nor the audience fans a grieving woman did not know.


The network has suggested that Dubovitskaya has crippled the news of the death of Michael, who during his life was her great friend. All used to seeing the lead of “full House” in a beautiful, feminine outfits, always with lush hair and a smile on my face, but the tragedy with Zadornov made Dubovitskaya to arrive to the ceremony in simple nondescript clothes and no makeup.
The ritual event came more than a hundred people.

Originally the coffin came only friends, colleagues and relatives Zadornov, and then everything else. In parting with the deceased, fans of the allocated 20 minutes.

Dubovitskaya said earlier that she had no words when she learned that Michael was gone. Leading says that Zadornov led a very strong and relentless struggle with the disease and refused to give in, but because Dubovitskaya was hoping that everything will be fine.