On the beach the Philippines dumped an unknown hairy creature

На пляж Филиппин выбросило неизвестное  волосатое  существо

On the beach the Philippines dumped an unknown hairy creature
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Photo: screenshot from video

Local residents believe that the appearance of the beast − a sign that soon an earthquake happens.

On one of the beaches of the Philippines, local residents discovered the unknown and terribly smelly creature. About an unusual discovery was reported by newspaper the Independent.

According to the newspaper, monster globster found in the city of San Antonio, province of Oriental Mindoro. The length of the organic monster is six metres and it is covered in fibers, like hair.

Local complain that the creature stinks badly.

Oh my God, it smells terrible something from another planet says fish inspector VOX Crusada

Arrived at the scene experts took bioprobe to find out what all the same species and unexpected find.

According to scientists, most likely, they are dealing with a whale. However, to assert it with full assurance will be possible only after specialists will get the test results.

In February 2017 the island Dinagat also found a similar object. The experts found that it was a dead whale or a sea cow. After the death of the muscle fibers of the substance started to decompose in sea water, and then the similarity with the hair.

While we can say that it’s a whale but the exact species is still not known. Tissue samples sent to our laboratory for DNA analysis. Local government will bury the body, told Crusade.

Meanwhile, locals find not a little frightened. They fear that the monster is an omen of something terrible that awaits them ahead.

– It is said that when the creatures of the deepest parts of the ocean, will be something bad, – the newspaper quotes the words of one of the locals.

Some believe that the appearance of globster − a sign that soon an earthquake happens.

– The earthquake sent in Oriental Mindoro. Big Globster is a sign of something bad. Please pray for us, their impressions of local residents in social networks.


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