On the Borus found new species of plants

Unknown until today the plants were found on the Borus. Findings described by the experts of the national Park “Shushensky Bor”.


New sensational discoveries were made on the ridge Borus, which is part of the national Park “Shushensky Bor”. Climate here is special, and many rare relict and endemic plants.

Russian biologists say not only the landscape Borus, but new plants previously unknown to science, which you can find there. So, the new rhododendron is dry tall shrub up to 4.5 meters in height. Saussurea of Shapegrabber differs from other congeners rough leathery leaves and onion mist is notable for its Diplodocus and features flowers.

Today in “Shushensky Bor” grows 856 species of vascular plants, despite the fact that this is not the final figure. In the Park are sure that Borus again and again delight their secrets to scientists.