On the fact of mass riots in Kiev prison the criminal proceedings

По факту массовых беспорядков в киевском СИЗО открыто уголовное производство

On the fact of mass riots in Kyiv SIZO and threats to the alien by the ex-soldiers of the battalion “Tornado” criminal proceedings are opened. This reports the press service of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine.

“The military Prosecutor of the Kiev garrison performed procedural management in criminal proceedings on the grounds of criminal offenses under part 1 of article 129 (“Threat by murder”), part 2 of article 189 (“Extortion”) and part 1 of article 14 of part 1 of article 294 (“Mass riots”) Criminal code of Ukraine”, – stated in the message.

As it was established by militiamen, have made with the help of mobile communication, acting by prior conspiracy by a group of persons with the threat of murder, to put pressure on the foreign national, requiring him to transfer their property and/or rights to the property, as well as preparing the organization of mass riots and incited prisoners.

  • По факту массовых беспорядков в киевском СИЗО открыто уголовное производство

  • По факту массовых беспорядков в киевском СИЗО открыто уголовное производство

  • По факту массовых беспорядков в киевском СИЗО открыто уголовное производство

At the moment in jail is being searched, seized computer equipment, prohibited items, including weapons, from improvised explosive packets to bladed weapons.

It is specified that during a search by detainees and defendants in criminal proceedings there was resistance.

“In particular, the inmates threatened with physical assault and murder, poured to law enforcement officers with gasoline and tried to set fire to, and also threw improvised explosive device stuffed with metal objects, whereby the latter inflicted injuries”, – says the press service of the GPU.

Also now data are brought in the Unified register of pre-judicial investigations on crime under article 348 (“the Encroachment on life of the employee of law enforcement body, the member of public formation on protection of a public order and state border or a serviceman”) criminal code of Ukraine.

We will remind that today during the escorting fighters “Tornado” under Lukyanovsky jail, clashes occurred between citizens and police officers.

In the end, three soldiers of the battalion “Tornado”, which was held in the Lukyanivka prison in Kyiv, was transferred, and others put in solitary confinement. As told in the Ministry of justice, the result of the application of the soldiers improvised explosive packets suffered one of the police officers. In addition, it was reported that “tornadovtsa” poured gasoline on one of the police officers and threatened to set fire to it.

As later told the former head of the Public penitentiary service Sergey Starenky, the injured and the lawyer of ex-fighters. He said this on air of TV channel “112 Ukraine”.

“Using mobile communications, the Internet, they called in the aid of his friends, who have already begun to impede the exit of the machine, during which the police who guard the territory outside the jail, in this case, they prevented such actions. Was beaten a number of persons, and among beaten – the lawyer of one of the “tornadovtsev” Yuriy Karmazin, who is now in the hospital with a head injury,” he said.

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