On the Poltava river staged an ice carnival

На Полтавщине река устроила ледяную  Масленицу

On the Poltava river staged ice “pancake day” [photos, video]
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Rounded floating plates young ice users on the network called a miracle. Photo: sousei

Vorskla have flooded the ice perfectly round shape.

Ice pancakes, cookies, or plates in the social networks Poltava for several days to come up with original metaphors to describe the unusual shape of the ice formed on the river Vorskla. Locals say the ice circles with a diameter of about 40 cm flooded the river near the dam in the village of Lower Mlyny.

– The river was cold, and she apparently put banks, laughs one of the users.

– Carnival in all its glory! Surely, stuffed among them there are – in the form of fish and algae – jokes Tatiana Uhlikova.

На Полтавщине река устроила ледяную  Масленицу

Poltava joke that Water is also Mardi Gras Photos:

The fact that the “pancakes” have formed on this stretch of the river, not surprising, because the nearby hydraulic structure. Create ice almost perfectly circular eddies near the dam, the water forms ice, which falling into the funnel, otesyvajutsja and acquire such form. It is rare for it to happen, the more important temperature changes: freezing throughout the night and zero mark in the afternoon. By the way, these “pancakes” in the seas can reach and 3 m diameter.

VIDEO: Overheard in Poltava