On the route Kiev-Kelmentsi stopped the drunk driver without a driver’s license

  • На маршруте Киев-Кельменцы остановили нетрезвого водителя без водительских прав

  • На маршруте Киев-Кельменцы остановили нетрезвого водителя без водительских прав

In Chernivtsi region caught the driver of the passenger bus, who came on the flight drunk and without a license. About it reports a press-service GU NP in Chernivtsi region.

Special mobile group stopped the bus with the message “Kiev-Kelmentsi” today, August 4, at about 2am.

“Driving the minibus there was a 28-year-old resident Sokyryany area. During the examination of the documents revealed that the driver no driver license. In addition, police noticed the man signs of intoxication. Medical explanation showed the driver’s blood 0,62 ppm. But this is more than three times higher than the permissible norms”, – militiamen report.

The driver were drawn up under articles 126 and 130 of the code of Ukraine on administrative offences – driving vehicle without proper documents on the right of management and control of a vehicle while intoxicated.

Transporting passengers to the end point of the route provided by the police. Data about the detected violation will be transferred to Ukrtransagent. The carrier faces a revocation of the license to carry passengers.

As a reminder, on July 21 in Ukraine started mass checks of passenger transport. As at 31 July as part of operation “Carrier” discovered 21 drunk driver, and also found that of the nearly 28 thousand vehicles viewed by 764 technically faulty.

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